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Nails on a [Chalk]Board

2008-08-04 20:39:33 by Staticblaze

/Level 18

Nails on a [Chalk]Board


2008-03-18 19:46:06 by Staticblaze

...But level 16 had a better icon.


The Armature Animador

2008-01-17 22:29:29 by Staticblaze

Amatures! Ametures!

Armature Arbitors!

Use the flak88, CHEIF!

The Armature Animador

Schweet! Level 16!

2008-01-06 11:45:38 by Staticblaze

Whoa the chain is shiny.

What does this button do? Front page? That's cool.

Level 15

2007-11-21 18:24:27 by Staticblaze

Damn I need like 600 more or something. At least I retire as a plantation master. Whipping people is pleasurable, no?

That's it, I QUIT.

For another unexplained, random post. What's this button do? Front page? That's cool.

Intriqued City-Life

2007-10-24 15:45:39 by Staticblaze

You'll never know

How to escape the road

But that police got a code

To tell when we got the bums

We don't got no guns

Only thing is a pun

But we got shot for that too

Not we sittin in jail cleanin that foo

Of all the stupid things that I've done

We ain't done nothin with that pun

It's called a little bit of paint

Till we sit and wait

Till it's done, but we don't do it as guns

It's just a little fun

Till someone gets hurt

Then we all on the couch

Missin our spouse

But what they don't know

Is that we are gonna escape this road.

Let's play Halo 3 together.

/Rule #33

If you play Halo 3...

2007-10-14 11:54:21 by Staticblaze

Give me your frickin gamertag so I can own your ass.