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I thought you did a splendid job with the fourth one. The hornets kept coming and swarming all around the trash, but I solved that by putting it on easy mode. (LOL, I know easy mode sucks w/e) I ended up beating this faster then the previous few, which is strange. Anyways, about the hornets. As the garbage and filth kept piling up, so did the insects! I know this is suppsoed to happen but I kept getting hurt with no where to go.

Also, I love the final boss. When I had to face the old prince I just shut the dorr and he died. LOL. Keep it up.

Yes, it's a hard series.

In the harder difficulties though it really takes more skill then luck, if any of you actually have to game you'd know what I'm talking about ;)

God damn

Why hasn't the cat shot the rabbit yet.

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This is definitely good

I had a hard time at first but it seemed to be easy to catch on to. My only gripe was the playing field was a bit small (I know it's like Tetris) and the bugs stated before me.

I found myself jumping around like a madman, wall jumping and climbing up the blocks before they even hit the ground. It was very hard to be ninja like though when the game didn't support it, i.e. I would constanly get squashed when I was on top of a block that was resting, as well as falling through some blocks on the floor or wall.

This was an extremely good attempt, and I'm not saying it was easy to program in the first place but I'm confident when you make the second on it will be bigger and more user-friendly. Kudos and thanks for the great game.


Very very odd but somewhat makes me want to be suspended too

Great Game, but...

What was up with level 12? Are you supposed to move the red square to the flag? I knocked it off the ledge but it came back.

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Very Well Done

Sound like the music welcoming me to my castle 1000 years ago

Liken it

I really liked the sort of "Choir-like" part to the song, it made me feel like I was in Heaven, or something. The snare in the background was just a *tad* bit excessive/repetitive, otherwise it would have made a good opening. Good job, keep it up and ... it was well worth the download.

TheAmateurAnimator responds:


One thing I don't understand at all is how this got so popular. I mean, Diamond Track WTF? I've made better songs!


Awsome. I really love the beginning. And why are most of your perfect dark songs airbase? Just easy that way?

TheAmateurAnimator responds:

I like how Airbase sounds.

I'm on a two year voyage, so I won't be here to help or actively join the community! Sorry!

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